What began as a brief evaluation of how to do things better has ended up in ten days of website reconstruction, a new video channel, and better social media integration. (No one ever said that reinventing sex education would be easy!)

We should be back to doing daily posts and content creation by mid week.

Amazon Has The New Edition of the Guide To Getting It On!

Here's the link for the Amazon page:


From our sex survey:

“Masturbating. Cos there’s no partner in crime to laugh about it with later.”

“Masturbating – there’s a level of cover when you’re with someone else.”

“Masturbating. It’s such a personal experience… Sex is talked about more, it’s more accepted socially.”

“If either of my parents walked in on either of these activities, it would be pretty mortifying.”


From one of our male survey takers:

“The least amount of time I give a woman oral sex is 30 to 45 minutes. The key is to make her as comfortable as possible and be able to sense her reaction to what you are doing…  Most women don’t start to relax and go into a stage of comfort until about 10 to 15 min. into it. It also depends on the amount of build-up and the relationship you have.”


Relationships require more time and effort than we often give them.


We are rebuilding the site’s infrastructure from the ground up. This is a good thing, except that posts will be few and far between until next week.

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